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Welcome to Combined Resources!

We are a management consulting firm with a focus on helping your business to be as successful as possible.  Our aim is to be able to combine our diverse resources with the skills and resources of our clients; we believe that we add the greatest value when we are able to forge a true partnership with our clients to help them facilitate a change or to solve a problem.

Combined Resources Client Partnering Approach
Picking the right consulting firm can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas. 

For our clients to utilize the full strength of our resources, we believe it is imperative to establish a partner-like relationship.  By focusing on the overlapping goals of  the partnerhip, the individuals in both organizations become stakeholders in the success of the enterprise. 
The first step Combined Resources' associates take with a new client is to listen and to learn as much about the client's business as she or he can.  We try to understand the context within which the client organization operates, as wll as the specific situation that prompted the initial contact.
By understanding both the strategic and operational issues, we get to a position where we are better able to accurately diagnose the situation, and to recommend an effective, practical solution.  We work closely with the client during the diagnostic phase of the engagement to be sure that the services we actually deliver are precisely what they need, which is frequently not what the client originally requested.  Sometimes that means that we don't deliver any services at all -- that the best intervention may be most effectively done by the client themselves, or perhaps another consultant.  Our success is measued by our client's success.
Please get in touch for more information. We look forward to working with you.

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